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Panasonic KX-NCP1000

Panasonic KX-NCP1000

Panasonic KX-NCP1000

IP Phone System with KX-DT333 Latest Model Digital Telephones

Panasonic KX-NCP1000 Features

• Maximum 172 Extensions
• Rack mountable

IP Phones for local and Remote Workers

• Desktop & Network Business Application Integration
• Business Productivity with Wireless Mobility Solution.
• Built-in Application Server - providing desktop solutions
• Choice of IP, digital, analogue or wireless DECT terminals
• Built in Voice Mail

The Panasonic KX-NCP1000 IP Telephone System is a network communication system which provides cost effective communications solutions for businesses. The Panasonic NCP1000 Telephone System combines advanced digital and IP telephony together with integral user productivity applications, and providing extensive business communications functionality.

With Panasonics KX-NCP1000 IP Telephone System, customers can deploy a stand-alone or networked system connected via an IP or digital network from any location and benefit from lower costs and increased business productivity

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